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olea spa treatments

Face Treatments

After Sun Face 60΄
Hyaluronic acid and vitamin face treatment aiming to achieve the crucial deep hydration the skin requires, especially after prolonged exposure to the sun.
Intensive Anti-aging Cellactive Treatment 60΄
Cellactive anti-aging course of six treatments with the use of products based on stem cells, redwood and flower vine. Recommended for mature skin. The treatment provides visible results in the contour of the face.
Specifics Eye Treatment 45΄ 
Specialized eye treatment with triple action against wrinkles, dark circles & puffiness.
Intensive Whitening 60΄
High effective whitening & anti-aging treatment. Stimulates collagen production and smoothes blemishes. Ideal for brighter, tighter & healthier skin. Visible results as from the first treatment.
Body Treatments

After Sun Body Treatment 60΄
Deep hydration and nourishment treatment for the entire body. The ultimate care after sunbathing including oils fortified with hydrating serums and a moisturizing full body mask that tightens and stimulates the skin.

Anti-cellutite 60΄
Specialized treatment targeting the reduction of cellulite and fluid retention. Recommended for at least one to two times per week.
Relaxing Massages

Candle Ritual 60΄
Perfumed candles, specifically processed and enriched with essential oils. This treatment acts on the entire central nervous system, resulting in an ultimate relaxation experience through a ritual applying a special massage technique leaving you with the smoothest skin you have ever had.
Full Body Relax 60΄    
Classic Swedish full body massage. Relax from tip to toe.
Deep Tissue 60΄
Intense full body massage ideal for muscle tension. Relief yourself of muscular and joint pains.
Back Massage 30΄
Relaxing massage focused on the back and neck.
Reflexology 30΄
Special massage and pressure technique focused on the feet. Activate your reflex points and feel the relaxation and wellbeing not only on your feet but also on your entire body.
Leg Relief Massage 30΄
Special massage technique focused on the leg area. Recommended for tired feet.
Indian Head Massage 30΄ 
Traditional Indian massage technique for the head and neck without the use of oils. Leave behind stress and tension by stimulating and combating muscular tension and knots.
Aphrodite 75΄    Physis                                                              
Let go in a totally relaxing experience of facial and body massage from tip to toe. Inspired by depictions found on amphorae dating back to the Minoan civilization. Stray away in an ancient sea of total relaxation.
Estia 75΄                                               
Become a time traveler and experience the original ancient Hellenic hospitality treatment. A full body scrub with salts from the Greek sea followed by a full body massage ritual.
Dias 90΄       Physis                                                               
Feel like an ancient royal couple. Kings and Queens of the ancient era chosen as the ritual treatment after the royal wedding, according to the historian Xenofon.
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