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Olive Grove    80΄
Our signature treatment uses the sacred olive, revered throughout the world for its numerous healing and nourishing properties. This rite of passage begins with a scrub of ground olive stones, leaving your skin smooth, cleansed and ready to absorb the precious cold-pressed olive oil, enriched with essential oils and potent olive leaf extract. After a relaxing full-body massage with a blend of olive and almond oils, warm virgin olive oil will be gently massaged on your scalp to nourish dry damaged hair.
Virgin Olive Hair Mask and Head Massage    30´     
A blissfully relaxing massage session that combats stress, headaches, and aching necks. Our therapist applies acupressure and soothing strokes to your most tension-burdened areas: scalp, face, neck and shoulders. Our virgin olive oil is also an excellent mask for dry, brittle or thinning hair.
Olea Aroma Massage       60΄ /  90΄   
Our classic relaxing massage is designed to free every tense muscle and subdue any trace of stressful thought. We use long flowing strokes with gentle pressure and only the purest essential oil blends extracted from Mediterranean herbs and flowers in a nourishing base of almond and olive oils.
Fusion Sea Purification     60΄/90΄
Combines ancient wisdom from east and west to detoxify, tone skin prone to cellulite and water retention, and eliminate the effects of toxic stress. A lymphatic Dry Brush is followed by a wrap in a Spirulina Mud Mask. While your body is eliminating toxins, your therapist will apply reflexology to corresponding detoxification points on your feet. After a shower, you will receive a gently stimulating and profoundly relaxing massage on your abdomen with Lemon and Fennel oils. Add 30 minutes of vigorous body massage for the ultimate slimming anti-cellulite treatment.
Night Jasmine          60΄ / 90΄                                                        
This skin nurturing treatment is an exotic and revitalizing journey for all your senses. After a jasmine-scented body peeling, you’ll be wrapped in a milky cocktail of cleansing kaolin clay, skin-revitalizing papaya and nourishing aloe. Your therapist will apply a rich jasmine cream that smells like a cool summer night on a Greek island. This indulgence leaves your skin soft, supple and completely renewed. If you desire extra pampering, we recommend an extra half-hour massage.
Mediterranean Skin Food Facial   55΄
This renewing treatment includes a series of peeling and masks as well as a lengthy massage that covers your neck, face, and low neck with herbal essences and potent balms derived from precious Mediterranean treasures like chamomile, honey, olive and orange blossom. This facial oxygenates skin cells, helps fight sun damage, and leaves skin smooth, plump and hydrated. Includes a luxurious hand massage.
Sun Healer   40΄                                                                                                           
Reverse sun damage and rehydrate your skin with a coating of healing aloe, cooling and softening yogurt, skin regenerating carrot seed, argan, and avocado oils. Finish with a refreshing mist of lavender water. Excellent cure for sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydrated skin.
Olive Press    30΄                                                                                                                   
A quick uplifting rub ideal for soothing aching muscles and revitalizing heavy limbs. We use locally-picked, healing Hypericum Herb soaked in Olive Oil, a traditional cure-all for a number of muscular and dermal ailments from cuts and burns to inflamed and strained muscles.  Choose Back/Neck or Hands/Feet for your 30΄ Press.
Deep Tissue Massage    60΄
For those who always want their massage a little bit harder. Strong hands and therapeutic essential oils penetrate deep into muscles to release stiffness and loosen stubborn knots. Fresh blood is instantly pumped back into deprived muscle tissue, circulation is improved and nourishing oxygen reaches every last cell.
Wine Elixir Anti-Age Facial        60΄
An anti-wrinkle and firming treatment that utilizes the effective antioxidant properties of red wine and resveratrol. These powerful ingredients along with an extensive face massage employing lymphatic drainage and lifting techniques, help stimulate the production of collagen and reshape the contours of the face.
Mountain Herb & Sea Scrub    30΄
A treatment that will instantly smoothen your skin, remove the dead skin cells and prepare it for  deep even tanning. Your therapist will use natural sea salt and hand-picked herbs from Sifnos like Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender. After the body scrub a hydrating layer of Mountain Tea cream will be applied to complete your skins’ preparation to the sun exposure. Allow your skin to breathe and unveil its natural glow.
Olea Odyssey, 2 hrs 55΄
Ideal solution for jet-lagged and weary travelers. Helps relieve bloating, constipation, dry skin, and limbs grown stiff from sitting still too long. Fusion Sea Purification 60΄, Mediterranean Skin Food Facial 55΄, Deep Tissue Massage 60΄.

Sea Goddess, 2 hrs 25΄     
Beautifying and ultimately relaxing. Mediterranean Skin Food Facial 55΄, Night Jasmine 60΄, Virgin Olive Hair Mask and Head Massage 30΄.

Elia and Helios  4 hrs  25΄
Leave behind all your woes on your precious holiday time. Select one or two of these sublime treats based on the best that Sifnos nature has to offer. Mountain Herb & Sea Scrub 30΄, Olea Aroma Massage 90΄, Olive Grove 80΄, Mediterranean Skin Food Facial 55΄. 
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